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What is System Reset - The Aviation

What is System Reset - The Aviation

Q1: What is a system reset?

It is the action of switching off a system and then switching it back on again with the objective to retrieve normal system behavior or recover a previously lost function.

Q2: Is System Reset always a quick fix?

Answer: Performing an inappropriate manual system reset in flight can seriously impair the safety of the flight.

Multiple system resets on the ground without performing the necessary troubleshooting actions can also have serious consequences.

In #airbus #A320:

Caution for System Resets during Flight:

AUTO BRK FAULT at engine start

A/SKID N/WS FAULT during the takeoff roll

A/SKID N/WS FAULT during approach

The unauthorized resets by using of the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch to reset the braking and steering functions during the flight may hide the deteriorating condition of the braking system and prevents the BSCU from detecting the failure of the #tachometers.

Unusual braking behavior immediately after touchdown.

#BSCU considering that 0 kt was the actual wheel speed, and was unable to compute the anti-skid order and sent full hydraulic pressure to the brakes and caused the four tires to burst.

Caution for System Resets on Ground:

1. System resets can cause system components to move or operate, which is a risk of serious or fatal injury to people in close proximity to the aircraft.

2. This can also cause damage to the aircraft if in contact with ground equipment.


-. Always Record System Resets, any attempted reset must be recorded.

-. Operators shall have a dedicated management system for repetitive failures to comply with continued airworthiness regulations.

-. Repetitive resets of the same system could indicate a permanent failure.

It is important to properly track repetitive occurrences of system malfunctions over several flights. This is usually an indication that the fault condition still exists and deeper troubleshooting is required.