Sunday, 11 December 2022

Do you skip on fuel tank water drain?

Do you skip on fuel tank water drain? DON'T SKIP IT!

Water in the fuel tanks is normal and must be constantly drained.

Water can create fungus in the tanks and contaminate fuel, tanks and components.

Water can enter in fuel capacitors decreasing their performance and forcing the maintenance staff to manually measure the fuel quantity (drip stick).

Do the drain at least after one hour of landing; without fuel pumps operation or fuel tank to tanks transfer or refuel/defuel.

For a320 family, follow amm 12-32-28-281-001

Tip: in icing conditions, the drain valve outer valve, can fail to close. Try to centering it. 99% of the times it works.

Tip 2: if outer valve doesn't stop to leak (not your lucky day) , don't wait to have 2 tons of fuel on the floor, remove it with a 7/16 hallen key. the internal part of the water drain valve has a spring that close the flow if the outer valve has been removed