Sunday, 22 November 2020

Flybig Airline Careers - Captains (Type Rated on ATR 72-500) - Job 2020 - Apply Now - The Aviation

Flybig Airline Careers

 Job Description -: 

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Hiring Direct Entry Captains (ATR 72-500) - Indian Nationals

Minimum Qualification and Experience Levels

A. Type Rated as PIC on ATR 72-500 with minimum 100 hours as PIC on type

B. Hold current and valid Indian ATPL, FRTOL, RTR and Class 1 Medical;

C. Hold English language proficiency certificate at a minimum ICAO standard Level 4;

D. Minimum 2000 Hours total flying experience;

E. Has not been held blameworthy for an Aircraft accident/ incident in preceding 03/01 years respectively F. Recent experience - at least three takes-off and landings within the preceding 90 days on the type of aircraft or in a flight simulator.

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