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DGCA AME CAR66 MODULE 03 Question Papers Previous Session 2020 Part 01 - The Aviation

 Module 3 – Electrical Fundamental Previous Session 2020 Sample Question Papers for Preparation Based on Module Patterns. Part 01

DGCA AME CAR66  MODULE 03 Question Papers

01.The  voltage  rating  of  a  capacitor  is 

  a) the  max  voltage  that  can  be  constantly  applied  

 b) the  min  voltage  required  to  charge  

 c) the  normal  operating  voltage  

02. The  relative  permittivity  of  a  capacitor  is a) the  relative  permittivity  of  the  dielectric  in  relation  to  a  vacuum 

  b) the  permittivity  of  dielectric  in  relation  to  dry  air  

 c) the  permittivity  of  the  dielectric


03.Ferromagnetic  materials  can  be  magnetized   -: 

a) within  a  band  of  temperatures  

 b) above  a  certain  temperature 

  c) below  a  certain  temperature  

 04.Faradays  Law  States  that

 a) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  directly  proportional  to  the  rate  of  change of  flux 

b) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  indirectly  proportional  to  the  rate  of change  of  flux

 c) the  magnitude  of  the  EMF  is  directly  proportional  to  the  magnetic  flux 

05.To  reduce  eddy  currents  in  a  transformer  you  would 

a) reduce  the  thickness  of  laminations  in  the  magnetic  core 

b) increase  the  thickness  of  laminations  in  the  magnetic  core 

c) reduce  the  number  of  turns  on  the  primary  winding

 06.A transformer  has  an  input  of  400V  and  a  ratio  of  2:1.  If  the  transformer is  delta  /  star  wound,  what  will  the  line  voltage  output  be?  

 a) 115V 

b) 200V

 c) 346V 

07.What  is  the  phase  difference  in  a  circuit  with  100V,  drawing  0.5  amps, consuming  50  Watts?  

 a) 45° 

b) 90°

 c) 0°

08.What  value  is  the  same  as  the  equivalent  D.C.  heating  effect? 

a) Root  Mean  Square

 b) Average 

c) Peak 

09. What  is  the  relationship  between  the  voltage  and  the  current  in  an  A.C circuit  containing  resistance  &  inductance? 

a) Current  leads  voltage  by  up  to  90°

 b) Current  lags  voltage  by  up  to  90°

 c) Current  lags  voltage  by  90° 

 10. In  an  A.C  circuit,  what  happens  if  frequency  is  reduced?   

a) Capacitive  elements  may  be  damaged  

 b) Inductive  elements  may  be  damaged  

 c) There  will  be  no  effect 

  11. A Transformer  with  115v  primary  voltage  and  a  ratio  of  5:1  is  supplying a  landing  light  (load  24v  45  amps)  is  used,  what  is  the  current  drawn?

 a) 205  amps 

b) 9  amps 

c) 4.5  amps

 12. A Transformer  has  4500  secondary  turns  and  750  primary  turns.  Its turns  ratio  is

 a) 1:6

 b) 6:1

 c) 1/6 

13. Two  inductive  coils  are  placed  in  close  proximity  with  each  other  at  90 degrees.  The  number  of  flux  linkages  is

 a) 0 

b) maximum  positive 

c) maximum  negative 

14.A high  pass  filter  will?

 a) allow  frequencies  above  a  certain  value  to  pass

 b) allow  frequencies  below  a  certain  value  to  pass

 c) allow  frequencies  within  a  range  to  pass 

15. What  shape  is  the  waveform  when  the  input  pulse  and  the  time  base are  unequal?  

 a) Square

  b) Rectangular 

c) Saw  tooth 

16. A sine  wave  has  5  amps  RMS  value.  What  is  the  peak  value?   

a) 6.37  amps 

b) 7.07  amps

 c) 10  amps 

 17.If  current  lags  voltage  by  90°,  the  circuit  is 

a) capacitive 

b) resistive 

c) inductive 

 18.In  a  3  phase  motor,  if  1  phase  is  lost,  the  motor 

a) remains  at  the  same  speed  

 b) runs  at  1  third  speed  

 c) runs  at  2  thirds  speed   

19.A three-phase  motor  has  the  windings

 a) 120°  apart 

b) 90°  apart 

c) 180°apart 

20.When  measuring  the  phase  and  line  voltages  of  a  generator,  it  was found  that  line  and  phase  voltages  were  equal.  The  generator  is?

 a) delta  wound 

b) star  wound.

 c) either  delta  or  star  wound 

21.To  change  the  direction  of  a  3-phase  induction  motor  you  would   

a) swap  two  of  the  stator  connections 

b) swap  all  of  the  input  connections

 c) remove  one  of  the  input  connections 

22.To  calculate  generator  output  you  need  to  know  the   

a) armature  speed  and  number  of  series  conductors 

b) armature  speed  and  number  of  parallel  conductors

 c) armature  speed  and  field  strength In  a  shunt  motor,  

23.if  you  reverse  both  field  current  and  armature  current, the  motor  will 

a) stop

 b) change  direction

 c) continue  to  run  in  the  same  direction 

24.The  permanent  magnet  in  an  A.C  generator  induces  

 a) A.C.  in  the  exitor  generator 

  b) D.C.  in  the  exitor  generator

   c) A.C.  in  the  main  generator 

 25. What  charge  does  the  nucleus  of  an  atom  possess?

a) Positive   b) Negative   c) Neutral   

26. An accumulation of hydrogen on the plates of a battery is known as 

a) hydration 

b) polarization 

c) ionization 

27. What is the power dissipated in a 500 ohm resistor with a 3A flow? 

a) 1.5 kW 

b) 4.5 kW 

c) 750 kW 

28.Which of the following is 1 Amp? 

a) 1000 mA 

b) 1000 μA 

c) 1000 kA 

29. A paramagnetic material has a relative permeability of 

a) greater than unity 

b) less than unity 

c) zero 

30. What part of a battery is covered in hydrogen during polarization? 

a) Cathode 

b) Anode 

c) Both the anode and the cathode 

31. Electricity conducts through 

a) solids only 

b) solids and liquids 

c) vacuum 

32. The term that describes the combined resistive forces in an AC circuit 


a) impedance 

b) resistance 

c) total resistance

33. How can the direction of rotation of a DC electric motor be changed 

a) reverse the electrical connections to either the field or armature 


b) interchange the wires which connect the motor to the external power 


c) rotate the positive brush one commutator segment 

34. An example of a good electrical insulator is 

a) glass 

b) aluminium 

c) mercury 

35. The only practical method of maintaining a constant voltage output 

from an aircraft generator under varying conditions of speed and load is to 

vary the 

a) strength of the magnetic field 

b) number of conductors in the armature 

c) speed at which the armature rotates 

36. An accumulation of hydrogen on the plates of a battery is known as 

a) hydration 

b) polarization 

c) ionization 

37. Which of the following is most likely to cause thermal runaway in a 

nickel-cadmium battery? 

a) excessive current draw from the battery 

b) high current charging of the battery to more than 100 percent of its 


c) a high internal resistance condition 

38. Electric motors are often classified according to the method of 

connecting the field coils and armature. Aircraft engine starter motors are 

generally of which type 

a) compound 

b) shunt (parallel) 

c) series 

39. If a heavy mechanical load is removed from a series motor 

a) the speed will decrease and the armature current will decrease 

b) the speed will increase and the armature current will decrease 

c) the speed will increase and the armature current will increase 

40. Static charges remaining in an aircraft are dissipated by 

a) the use of a conducting type nose wheel 

b) bonding the aircraft to a refuel tanker 

c) earthing the aircraft as soon as possible

41.Total resistance in parallel for R1 and R2 is

a) 1/RT = (R1 x R2) ÷ (R1 + R2)

b) RT = 1/R1 + 1/R2

c) 1/RT = 1/R1 + 1/R2

42. The quill drive on an aircraft generator 

a) makes possible the use of roller 

b) damps out any commutator ripple 

c) damps out vibrations 

43. The method of ascertaining the voltage of a standard aircraft lead-acid 

battery is by checking 

a) the voltage on open circuit 

b) the voltage with rated load switched ON 

c) the voltage off load 

44. If the correct supply were connected to a DC shunt motor which had 

lost its residual magnetism it would 

a) fail to run 

b) run in the reverse direction 

c) run normally 

45. A loss of electrical insulation results in 

a) a short circuit between the supply and earth 

b) an open circuit between the supply and earth 

c) an open circuit in the supply 

46. A DC circuit containing a total resistance of 100 ohms has a current 

flow of 250 mA. The power dissipated in the circuit is 

a) 0.4 watts 

b) 6.25 watts 

c) 5 watts 

47. Power is the rate of doing work. It is measured in 

a) joules/second 

b) watts/second 

c) joules x seconds 

48. Ohm's law states that: 

a) e.m.f. = current divided by resistance 

b) resistance = current divided by e.m.f. 

c) current = e.m.f. divided by resistance


49. If the resistance of a resistor which is in series with two other resistors 

is doubled 

a) the current in that resistance is doubled 

b) the current in that resistance is halved 

c) the volts drop across that resistor increases

50. One purpose of a growler test is to determine the presence of: 

a) a shorted armature 

b) an out-of-round commutator 

c) a broken field lead 

51. Through which material will magnetic lines of force pass the most 


a) aluminium 

b) iron 

c) copper 

52. Electricity conducts through 

a) solids only 

b) solids and liquids 

c) vacuum

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