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Why do passengers always Boarding the plane from the left side?#Reasons#Aviation#Aircraft_Facts.

Why do passengers always Boarding the plane from the left side?#Reasons#Aviation#Aircraft_Facts.

Why do passengers always Boarding the plane from the left side?

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I am constantly sharing information related to aviation in front of you every day.My aim is that every person should have general knowledge about the airplane.

So today we will talk about a new thing which is a very simple thing, but very few people know the reason for this, why the boarding of Passenger is always done in the plane from the Left Side?

In today's time, air travel has become very common, everyone booked a ticket and goes home after traveling, but have you ever wondered why passengers are always entered in the airplane from the left side.

 Normally these questions are in everyone's mind and everyone knows, but what is the reason behind this, very few people know why I thought why not tell this thing to all of you.

When is it started ?

The reason for this actually stems from World War I, because at that time seaplanes were used more,

Today, there are many such facts and methods in the Aviation which we have met since earlier times and by adopting them and Aviation is progressing fast in the world today.

In earlier times, sea ships were always interrupted at the port from the left side and passengers were allowed to embark and disembark from this side, this could also be a reason.

Also, the rotary engine aircraft used during the First World War and those aircrafts were difficult to turn right hand side and easy to turn left hand side meant that most pilots opted to turn left side.

 This is also the main reason That the pilot always sits on the left side in the airplane, which makes it easier to see the Wing Clearance and to park and turn the ship in the terminal.

Why do passengers always Boarding the plane from the left side?#Reasons#Aviation#Aircraft_Facts.

Who control the Entire Aircraft after landing ?

The information showed that when the aircraft lands and moves towards the terminal building, the entire control is on the pilot and the pilot sits on the left side, then they have to see wing clearance to turn so that the aircraft can reach its designated place without any accident. But if you can park and you will also know that Aerobridge is always connected to the left side of the airport terminal building not only in the country but also abroad.

Why boarding from left side ?

Ground Activities -: 

In most airplanes, Cargo loading and catering loading, Water and Waste Servecing is always start from the right side, many vehicles also drive in the same area, the GPU (ground power unit) in the aircraft is also used from this side, caution with this And security comes easily. 

With this, passengers can be kept away from all these ground activities and such accidents can be avoided.

Refuelling Process -: 

Refueling proccess in airplanes is also mostly done from the Right side, and it is very risky work, it has to follow a lot of precautions, if any carelessness is taken then it can face a big challenge.

Insufficient Aerobridge -:

Even today, there are many airports in which Aerobridge facility is not available, for that passengers are brought to the aircraft by the vehicle and boarding it is likely to cause congestion. It was considered appropriate to do it on the other side.

Old tradition -: 

It is generally seen that Airbus and Boeing Company airplanes are being used all over the world where the manufacturers of Airbus are the European Union and Boeing is the manufacturer America.

ergonomically Four wheeled vehicles are also driven from left side, this practice has also been adopted in airplanes.

It is clear from all the things mentioned above that if you do all the work on one side , then the chances of accident can increase. All these rules are made to prevent all these laws so that no person or person can be harmed and work Even without any interruption.

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